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Wooden Wheels

Looking for a wooden wheel peg set that will help you get your toy car done in a snap? look no further! These sets are perfect for a 4-foot wood wheel car, a toy car, or even a small toy. With sets for both open-end and closed-end wheel sets, these are perfect for any child who wants to create something new in their toy car life.

Wooden Wheels Amazon

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Best Wooden Wheels

Are you looking for wooden wheels for your dresser? this set of four wheels will make it feel like a new dresser when you're done with them. The rollers will make getting and holding the dresser items easy. looking for a gift that makes others feel old? give them a new wheel! Or, better yet, get them a brand new wheel! These wheels are wooden and will your caradium content car. They'll love the new look and the easy care. this is a set of wooden wheels with 14 hole tires. They are a great addition to your toy vehicle or just for fun. The wheel pegs give you the ability to add extra wheels to your toy vehicle or create a custom wheel set. The toy parts are alsoibiob free and easy to order. these wheels are perfect for your wooden toy car or truck! They look good and are made from durable wood parts. They are 1 inch in size and will work with most cars and trucks.