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Pedal Tractor Wheels

This is a great opportunity to own a classic old machine and add value to your machine shop. The wheel is in great condition and can be used for cart and mower work. The 12" diameter makes it ideal for small blades or garden hoses. The wide design is for larger machines and can handle more blades. The black rubber is still comfortable to use and is easy to clean.

Top 10 Pedal Tractor Wheels

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Cheap Pedal Tractor Wheels

This 10x1. 75 inch vintage childs pedal tractor wheel is a fantastic choice for a new gardening or farming adventure. The wheel is made of durable materials and is a great addition to any collection. this is a vintage ertl john deere 7020 pedal tractor with a style I found online. It is a wheel drive style tractor that is rare for its type. It has a classic vintage look to it. This tractor would make a great addition to your farming yard. these vintage childs pedal tractor wheels are a great addition to your tractor. They are yellow and white, with the number 6 written on them, and they are perfect for using on a horse, car, or farm machine. This set of wheels is sure to make your tractor move more smoothly and easily. this is a vintage childs pedal tractor wheel. It is red. We think it's a great addition to the vintage look of your tractor.