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Gm 8 Lug Steel Wheels

These 8 lug steel wheels are the perfect choice for your 03-21 chevy express van, 01-10 silverado 2500 truck, or even 11-20 silverado 3500 truck. They are black anodized aluminum and are made of 18 powder-coated steel. They are also level head stock and make putting on and getting off the vehicle a breeze.

Top 10 Gm 8 Lug Steel Wheels

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Best Gm 8 Lug Steel Wheels

The 8 lug steel wheels are perfect for any 11-19 gm 2500 3500 wheels. They have a tough finish that will resist pitting and in-game damage. The wheel is also adjustable so you can fit any size or size family. The 8 lug steel wheels are a great choice for in-game warped wheels or for wheels that need to be durable. this is a great set of wheels for a ford geary plate engine. They are a great match for the 17. 5 steel wheel set that I have. They are 5 wheel set and have a matching 8 lug steel wheel. this is a great opportunity to have yourchevy 8 lug gm oem used dually on sale at your store. This spacer is used for a smaller) bernina 8 lug steel wheels. It is a 1 ton torque ring spacer. This is a great part to have in the car. It is also in great condition. looking for a 1967-72-87chevy gmc truck that is in good condition with new cap and nuts? look no further than this set of gm c10 6 lug wheels. These wheels are from a original truck that has been used as arupal truck or perhaps a industrial machine. The wheel is a good size and shape for any activity from driving to packedtering.