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1 18 Diecast Wheel Sets

1 18 diecast wheel sets are the perfect solution for any drag wheel or tyre needs. These 18 wheel sets come in a variety of colors and styles, all with great prices.

1/18 Wheels And Tires

Are you looking for a quality wheel and tire store in your area? if so, we've got you covered! We carry a wide variety of quality wheels and tires, from basic to complete racing setups. We've also got a wide selection of coverages for your various vehicle types and needs. So whatever you're looking for, we've got it! - and done!

1/18 Diecast Wheels And Tires

This is a great set of wheel and tire set for the price. The colors are classic and rich, making it a great addition to any car. The tires are new and perfect for the market. The wheel is cragar and has a sleek design, while the wheel and tire set are made of high-quality materials, making the car ride perfect. 1/18 scale wheels for the 118 gmp street fighter billet wheels. These wheels are deeper red in colour and will be your new center of gravity. The gmp street fighter billet wheels are made from precision-made, 18967-made aluminum and have deep red wheels that will make your battle machine look like itmatches the tone of your choose. These wheels are in stock and will arrive soon. this is a 1/18 scale model car wheels set. It contains four wheels. 1 18 diecast wheel sets are perfect for any car owner who wants play with a wheel set that is willing to take some time for it. This set come with a 18 carat weight diecast wheel, a diecast wheel hub and a diecast wheel cover.